Nissan GTR Carbon Sport Steering Wheel ST110J01C

Nissan GTR Carbon Sport Steering Wheel ST110J01C

Price: $1550 (With core exchange*)

Product Features:
DCTMS design GTR Carbon sport flat bottom steering wheel.
Ergonomic Sport side grips design for better drive handling.
Carbon sections on top and 2 lower sides
Rewrap the leather in Smooth NAPA/Perforated leather, Your choice of color stitching.
Price: $1550

Option1: Matte carbon finish $100 Extra
Option2: Carbon center panel $350 *
Option3: Add 6mm color ring at the center of carbon top $100 Extra
Color choices: Silver, Whtie, Red, Yellow, Orange, Blue

* Note: Core exhcange required means customers can either send the original steering wheel for conversion or send the OEM steering wheel back to us after receive our new wheel (parts). Please contact us for more detail or arrange for loaner wheels.


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